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"Harth Heart"
October, 2011
Dimensions Variable
Real heart - injected with formaldehyde, used cake stand, doily
Edition: 3 Artist's Proof, 1 Exhibition Proof, 100 unsigned & unnumbered
New York, New York

100 unsigned, unnumbered, hearts were given freely during The Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts' 2011 Open Studios on a first come - first served basis. During the 3-day Open Studios, 45 hearts were taken for free. 55 hearts are remaining and are now priced at $100 each. Each comes in a ziploc bag with warning label. The warning label read:

This is a real heart. It is injected with formaldehyde. This heart is safe to use provided that standard lab safety practices (hand and eye protection) are used. It is recommend that you do not open the bag. Do not eat. Keep away from children. There are dangers and health risks when handling this heart without proper protection. Be cautious and enjoy your heart! Edition of 100. October 2011. David Greg Harth.

If you are interested in acquiring one, please email me.