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September, 2001
66mm x 156mm
Ink on a United States of America One Dollar Currency Note
Limited Edition of 100 signed & numbered (Red Ink), Unlimited Edition (Black or Red Ink)
New York, New York

"I AM NOT TERRORIZED" and "I AM NOT AFRAID" were the fourth and fifth messages in the "I AM" series which started with "I AM AMERICA" in 1998. This two part message was released shortly after the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11th, 2001. Over One Million of these stamped messages were distributed in circulation over a period of three years. 100 are in a limited edition, signed and numbered. The unlimited edition are not signed or numbered and they are freely spent and traded to get the message out in circulation. Stamped on various denominations in red or black ink. Stamped on currency of other nations as well. This art work was featured in the New York Times, CNN, MTV, etc. Check the Press section for more information. I no longer stamp this message. However, if you would like to trade bills with me for my current message, please check the Current section to find out what that message is.